Poor Hurricane Peoples

I don't know what's worse, the hurricane and devestation and loss of life or how slow the federal government has been reacting to the destruction. Poor Bush. Had to come back from his five-week vacation. I mean, what in the hell were they thinking? The U.S. government should of had tons of forces in place before the hurricane even arrived. Now they're like, "Oh, we didn't think there'd be chaos and anarchy during a massive event of destruction in a major city."

I also have to give kudos to Walmart, for ignoring Bowling for Columbine, keeping plenty of guns on hand, and then allowing them to remain in their stores during the flooding. What are armed vigilantes without firearms? Guys with sticks, that's what. I don't know about you, but I'd rather fight a guy with a stcik anytime...

One more thing. Why'd it have to be New Orleans? I know about the below sea level and crap, but couldn't it have been a tornado that took out Gary, Indiana, or maybe the Bush ranch? New Orleans was so cool, and I never even got to visit it.

Christ. This whole thing makes me feel sick.


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