Modern Times

Bob Dylan has a new album out. It's quite good. It makes me want to do the fandango, and I don't even know what the fuck the fandago is. My only question is when did Dylan decide to become a rock-crooner-big band leader, and why is he pulling it off so smashingly?

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Clurg said...

I don't always comment because I'm too busy laughing or smiling. That postscript is something else.

Does Tellon work in a Chinese restaurant now? Your link says he is in the "hardwoking" film. Sounds awesome!

Clurg said...

My comment only published after I "previewed" it and then hit "publish" inside the preview.

Just in case anyone else was having problems...

Lex Ham Rand said...

Thanks, Clurg! I just got bounced out two times, but I followed your advice and voila!

I wrote a comment on one of the previous posts (Dave driving up to Lino Lakes) where I rewrote all of the Gilligan's Island lyrics and replaced them with Dave - his three hour tour landed him up north in Moose Lake, and he had to survive by getting a job at Subway and spending the nights typing novels in a trailer park.

But blogger ate it.

Blogagaard said...

Excellent, boys! Here we all are, commenting are asses off!

neha said...

read this post within an hour of buying a bob dylan CD - ummmmmm

thanks clurg

Blogagaard said...

"Spirit on the Water"

Darkness on the face of the deep
I keep thinking about you baby
I can't hardly sleep

I'm traveling by land
Traveling through the dawn of day
You're always on my mind
I can't stay away

I'd forgotten about you
Then you turned up again
I always knew
We were meant to be more than friends

When you're near
It's just as plain as it can be
I'm wild about you, gal
You ought to be a fool about me

Can't explain
The sources of this hidden pain
You burned your way into my heart
You got the key to my brain

I've been trampling through mud
Praying to the powers above
I'm sweating blood
You got a face that begs for love

Life without you
Doesn't mean a thing to me
If I can't have you
I'll throw my love into the deep blue sea

Sometimes I wonder
Why you can't treat me right
You do good all day
And then you do wrong all night

When you're with me
I'm a thousand times happier than I could ever say
What does it matter
What price I pay

They brag about your sugar
Brag about it all over town
Put some sugar in my bowl
I feel like laying down

I'm as pale as a ghost
Holding a blossom on a stem
You ever seen a ghost? No
But you have heard of them

I see you there
I'm blinded by the colors I see
I take good care
Of what belongs to me

I hear your name
Ringing up and down the line
I'm saying it plain
These ties are strong enough to bind

Now your sweet voice
Calls out from some old familiar shrine
I got no choice
Can't believe these things would ever fade from your mind

I could live forever
With you perfectly
You don't ever
Have to make a fuss over me

From East to West
Ever since the world began
I only mean it for the best
I want to be with you any way I can

I been in a brawl
Now I'm feeling the wall
I'm going away baby
I won't be back 'til fall

High on the hill
You can carry all my thoughts with you
You've numbed my will
This love could tear me in two

I wanna be with you in paradise
And it seems so unfair
I can't go to paradise no more
I killed a man back there

You think I'm over the hill
You think I'm past my prime
Let me see what you got
We can have a whoppin' good time

Words and music by Bob Dylan
Copyright 2006 Special Rider Music

Blogagaard said...

Still doing his thing, Bob Dylan tops Billboard

Haggard old Bob can still compete with the bosomy young babes.

Helped by an iTunes commercial -- and perhaps that whole iconic status thing, too -- Bob Dylan landed his first No. 1 album in 30 years Wednesday with "Modern Times." The collection sold 192,000 copies to beat out last week's other hot release, Jessica Simpson's "A Public Affair," as well as Christina Aguilera's latest hit CD.

Dylan's last time atop the Billboard album chart was with 1976's "Desire," and he only had two other No. 1 records before that: "Blood on the Tracks" in 1975 and "Planet Waves" in 1974. His last two albums, 2001's "Love & Theft" and 1997's "Time Out of Mind," did make Billboard's top 10.

Following U2's cue, Dylan agreed to promote the album via an iTunes TV commercial that featured him in silhouetted performance footage. Apple cofounder Steve Jobs is known to be a diehard fan.

The forever-touring rock legend will be back in his home state tonight to perform at Rochester's Mayo Field. He will return Oct. 29 for a concert at St. Paul's Xcel Energy Center. Tickets for that show, featuring an acoustic opening set by Foo Fighters, go on sale at 10 a.m. Saturday.

Something Dirty said...

Hey, that worked. Thanks Clurgie.

Blogagaard said...

adapt, react, readapt, act.

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