Any Given Sunday

Today is the dawn of the Minnesota Vikings' season. I love them, although I know I should not. I love every MN sports team, although they have done nothing to earn my love. I know all the arguements about spoiled, overpaid athletes, and I heartily agree. But do I care? No. I love them anyway. The Vikings are an extension of myself. I live and die with them on every down, as if what happens to them happens to me. I feel like this without even betting on them, or playing fantasy football. The Twins are not going to make the playoffs, but now I have the Vikings to latch on to, like a buoy in a sea of despair.

This year the Vikings have a revamped defense. Seriously. I'm not joking. We have a good defense. Maybe not a great one, but good enough. We have two cornerbacks other teams wish they had. Two. It's the first time in my entire lifetime I could say such a thing with a straight face. Moss is gone, and I will miss his flair, his drama. But I prefer winning to flair, and we will win more now without him.

I am psyched. I played center in high school, and I still miss the bright lights.


Brady said...

During my senior year I was returning a kickoff and got hit from the side, the helmet catching under my arm slightly above my rib pads. I couldn't breathe. And then I did breathe. And then I was in an ambulance. A little internal bleeding. Some bruised ribs. Delightful.

Blogagaard said...

Is that what derailed your NFL career?
So much promise, so much pain.

Man, the Vikes SUCK.

Herbach said...

My NFL career was only derailed when Andre Agassi lost today. Now I know there is no hope for a 35-year-old athlete, not even an elite one like myself. Brett Favre is 35, and do you know how terrible the Packers offense played today? I'm not even going to try-outs. I am in peak physical condition, but I am over-the-one-tree-hill by a lotta years.

I think Tampa is probably pretty good. I don't think Detroit is probably good. I believe it is tougher to be a Packer fan today, even though the Vikings stink and Andre Agassi was bitch-slapped by a Swissman.

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